Electrolux Floor Care Accessories EF 150

Electrolux Floor Care Accessories EF 150

  • EF150
  • Ergorapido Filter Kit
  • Contains two filters for performance at maximum level
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2-pack of filters for ErgoRapido®

ErgoRapido is designed and built to last. However, with time, the filters will need to be replaced in order to maintain the cleaners performance. The filter is a high quality filter designed to fit your ErgoRapido and to maintain its good performance.

Changing the filter on a regular basis will provide your cleaner with a strong airflow and high suction power. The original filter will help you to maintain maximum dust pick up. The filter is easy to change and handle. It is also washable.

2 x filter Fits new ErgoRapido EER73DB, EER73BP, EER73IGM, EER75STM, EER7GREEN, EER77SSM, EER77MBM, EER7ANIMAL, EER7ALLRGY, EER79SWM, ZB3301, ZB3311, ZB3323B, ZB3324BD, ZB3325B, ZB3302AK, ZB3314AK, ZB3320P, ZB3323BO, ZB3324B, ZB3324BP, EL2115A, EL2120A, EL2125A


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