Electrolux Battery & Portable Cleaner PQ91-P50MB

Electrolux Battery & Portable Cleaner PQ91-P50MB

  • 25.2V Battery & Portable Vacuum Cleaner
  • Up to 53 minutes run time
  • Self standing
  • Includes accessories & docking station

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Grab. Go. Job done.

Grab. Go. Job done.

Our powerful 2-in-1 stick vacuum equipped with PowerPro Roller – the hard floor expert nozzle removing XXL sized dirt and fine dust with superior performance ³, taking the effort out of cleaning. ³compared to previous model EER77SSM

PowerPro Roller

PowerPro Roller

PowerPro Roller with polishing effect removes fine dust to XXL particles in the first go.

No loss of performance¹

Enjoy full performance throughout the entire clean even with the dust bin filling up.¹ ¹ measured with dust container loaded with DMT (standard test) dust, acc to IEC 5.1, 5,7 & 5.9 on max power setting.

A more silent clean²

The hand held unit is designed for maximum noise reduction, with a combination of smooth airflow design and muted exhaust. ²The handheld design reduces the sound power by half. 3 dB(A) reduction versus conventional handheld vacuum cleaner designs such as ERGORAPIDO ®, measured acc to ISO 3743.

7 times more powerful pick up of dust in crevice ³

The sealed nozzle system creates higher air speed which efficiently removes dust in the most narrow spaces. ³ compared to previous model EER77SSM

Exceptional run-time ⁴

Exceptional run-time ⁴

Up to 53 minutes run time (Min mode).Pure Q9-P 25,2V models


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