Electrolux Floor Care Accessories KIT14

Electrolux Floor Care Accessories KIT14

• Telescopic reach tool for easy cleaning
• Angled dusting brush for hard to reach places

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Telescopic extension kit

Telescopic extension kit

Extend your reach! Telescopic extension for your Ergorapido to clean hard to reach areas. Extend the use of your cleaner to reach high above your head. The angled dusting brush allows for easy cleaning of high up areas in your home, while the mini brush provides effortless reach behind furniture and appliances.

1 x Telescopic tube 1 x Angled brush 1 x Dusting brush

Fits; ZB3320P / ZB3323BO / ZB3324B / ZB3325B / ZB3324BP / EER7ANIMAL / EER7ALLRGY / EER79SWM

Tech specification

Size Cart

M1 Width

M1 Deep

M1 Long

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    • M1 Voltage3780000 mm³

    Product Profile

    • Size Cart740 * 500 * 396
    • FamilyKits
    • Type PackagingCarton Box

    Size & Capacity

    • M1 Width140
    • M1 Deep60
    • M1 Long450
    • M1 Weight80
    • Net Weight(Kg)0.32


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